Get your statements on time and at the ease of your fingertips. No more snail-mail, lost in mail, wrong addresses. Total confidentiality and security ensured.

eStatement - Receive timely statements in any format and as frequent as you please by email. Secured statements can be saved in your hard disk or filed in printed copies.

  • Admin Module - Create users by functions. Able to access the entire application in all functions, creating e-statements or newsletters for customers for better management.
  • User Module – Any number of users can be created and in any specific function. Users can be specifically created to create statements for clients or to produce newsletters for clients. Build customers database for emailing and CRM purposes.
  • Clients – Receive timely eStatement updates and latest promotions which are delivered directly to personal email. Hassle free method of receiving eStatement, anywhere and accessible anytime. No usernames and passwords to memorize while security and confidentiality is assured.
  • eStatement – Design your own templates according to requirements. eStatement can be sent in batches to manage the distribution of specific clientele groups. Schedule email dispatch of eStatement, whether on monthly, fortnightly or weekly basis.
  • Newsletters – Customer relations can be further enhanced by sending a scheduled newsletter to keep clients updated on latest news and promotions. Saves on printing and distribution costs. Instant release and mass distribution in cost efficient way.

Reports - Produce timely reports in your required templates. Monitor and manage your reports by an Administrator who can control the types of report and users.


  • Cost Efficient - Paperless, fast and cost-efficient, save on mailing and distribution costs.
  • Ease of use - Templates can be tailored to requirements and produced as frequently as desired. Statements can also be emailed according to a specified schedule.
  • Instant Distribution – Ease of use, assures confidentiality as it is sent directly to personal email on a timely basis. Notices and promotional information can also be included in the eStatement for your customers.
  • Secure & Confidential – eStatement and Newsletter received directly in customers personal email inbox, without accessing website and using passwords.
  • Better Management - The administrator module allows better control, manage the number of email subscribers and produce scheduled reports.

eStatement software can configure according to your requirement.

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